Decking and planks

Our composite planks give you a cost effective alternative to similar planks, decking and bridge decking. The planks are ideal for reducing final weight without compromising strength requirements.

Medium duty planks
Medium duty planks

MD Plank is typically used for applications like floor coverings at walkways were loads and spans are limited. Furthermore, the plank can easily be used as a facade cladding system in areas were high corrosion and chemical resistance is required.

Heavy Duty Planks
Heavy Duty Planks

When it comes to potential applications for HD Plank, only the imagination sets the limit. Pedestrian bridges, walkways, parking areas, stairs, cladding and covers are just some of the many possibilities.

Ultra Duty Plank
Ultra Duty Plank

We have upgraded our bridge plank so that it is up-to-date and meets our customers' need for strong, durable, high-quality planks that are at the same time easy to produce, and can compete with other alternatives in the market in terms of price.

Edge U-profile
Edge U-profile

The U-profile is used for the edge finishing of planks MD and HD, to give a nice finish to the solution. The U-profile is made of fiberglass that is corrosion-free and therefore has minimal maintenance requirements even under demanding conditions. 

Secure the floor with decking and planks

Fiberline’s GRP decking and planks are used for applications like bike paths, pedestrian bridges and floor coverings at walkways where loads and spans are limited. Furthermore, the plank can easily be used as a facade cladding system in areas were high corrosion and chemical resistance is required. 

Our planks are also available with anti-skid surface just like our gratings, which are coated in a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface. This surface has no negative impact on the load-bearing capacity of the gratings, which makes them particularly well-suited to industrial purposes.

Discover the advantages of GRP-decking

Fiberline’s GRP decking has a long list of favorable advantages. Our decking systems are made of GRP that do not weather nor deteriorate. They have a long life, even when exposed to the effects of corrosive road salt, wind or weather. There is therefore no or only minimal maintenance required, which naturally also reduces maintenance costs. It's a cost-effective choice over the lifetime of the finished solution.

Our FRP decking also has an unrivalled weight-to-strength ratio, makings them perfect for reducing the weight of the finished solution without compromising on strength on e.g. bridge structures and walkways.

This means that they can be used to create a structure that is just as strong as a similar structure made of steel or concrete but which weighs much less. Another advantage is that this makes it easier and cheaper to transport the finished solution from the assembly site to the installation site, and to install it. Other advantages of GFRP are:

  • Easy to work with
  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermically insulation
  • Sustainability
  • Minimal maintenance

We have CE-marking on our fiberglass planks

All our FRP products have a number of international and highly sought-after certifications, among other, within the construction, offshore and railway sectors. This is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you buy from us and use our products.

In 2018, Fiberline became the first company in the world to display CE marking on its entire range of GRP composite structural profiles. Our fibreglass planks still have the same consistently high quality for which we have always been renowned. CE marking is now also accompanied by a special label to give our customers peace of mind and make it easier to use our planks for construction work. 

Order your decking and planks at Fiberline

Fiberline is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent composite profiles made of glass fibre. These profiles have been making a considerable difference to our customers in construction and industry for over 40 years. We have a wide range of profiles that yield well-documented results, so you can order your entire fibreglass solution from us. These products are already waiting for you at our warehouse, so visit our webshop today.

Here you can also order a product sample box of fibreglass profiles. Pick the desired product sample box and add it to your basket, and we'll send you the samples as soon as possible. Please contact us if you need other product samples.