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The corrosion resistance of fibreglass is almost without comparison which makes it perfect for industrial platforms and access ways where the corrosion or chemical concentration is high. Besides, the material has a lightweight that makes it possible to assemble constructions off-site, thereby reducing installation time on-site. With a strong, durable material you can look forward to a long lifetime of your platforms as well as low maintenance costs.

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Industrial platforms

picture of industrial platforms
Our industrial platforms made of fiberglass are dimensioned with high security and usability in focus to ensure better safety.

Access ways and covers

picture of fibreglass stairs and access ways
GFRP planks are suitable for accessways and cover, as they are corrosion free and can be ordered with anti-slip surface.

Maritime platforms

Picture of gfrp gratings
As fibreglass profiles and gratings require no maintenance and do not corrode, they are the obvious choice for maritime surroundings.

A lightweight, corrosion free GRP platform

Avoid unforeseen costs for expensive repairs, downtime or even replacements due to corrosion. Choose fibreglass for your next industrial platform. Due to the corrosion resistance and lightweight the platforms can be used for a number of different industries, including wastewater treatment plants, chemical industry, cooling towers, offshore and coastal near applications.

On our webshop you can find our entire range of GRP profiles, GRP planks and GRP gratings for different designs. Here you also find prices, stock status and delivery costs

Advantages: GRP for industrial platforms

Like to avoid problems due to corrosion, deterioration or rot? Look no further, fibreglass got what it takes – even in the most demanding environments with contact to aggressive process waters, changing temperatures, salt water, UV rays and a number of chemicals. This makes our pultruded fibreglass profiles suitable for industrial platforms and access ways.

Furthermore, with a low weight of our fibreglass profiles you can save up to 50% of the weight of your next platform. This enables easy handling, pre-assembly and fast installation onsite, often without the use of large cranes to lift the platform into place.

Finally, we offer anti slip protection of our platforms, access ways and stairs to ensure a high level of safety for the users of the structures. The GRP material also offers more flexibility and a better walking comfort than traditional materials.

Other advantages include:

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Solutions: Solve corrosion problems with a GRP platform

With more than 40 years of experience and the latest knowledge about composites and fibreglass, we have designed a number of competitive standard solutions. Choose one of these solutions and get started right away.

As for platforms our fibreglass profiles find wide use in a number of different types of platforms including:

However, with flexible design options, our profiles can be used for many other types as well.

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Examples of industrial platforms

Hopefully, by now you know that there are many types of industrial platforms and many application areas within industry when choosing fibreglass. If you still need some inspiration we have gathered some of our most popular customer cases with platforms here.

This platform on the British railway network was built in a single day – without the use of costly railway vehicles and with minimum disruption to train traffic

Our GRP planks meet the challenges of corrosion in this harsh environment of Lynetten In Copenhagen, one of northern Europe’s largest sewage plants. They where looking to replace their aluminium planks which were worn out.

A service platform was among the structures installed along the Danish railway to minimize the complexity of earthing, aoid corrosion and give the inspection team a safe access way.

At the sport campus in Odense, Denmark, this suspendable platform provide the staff of the swimming pool with a flexible, lightweight solution and at the same time minimal maintenance due to the high resistance of the GRP in this aggressive environment.

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An experienced, European partner for your next platform

With more than 40 years of experience with GRP for industrial applications we are pretty sure, we can assist you too. Today, we also offer a wide range of services starting from design and calculation, to machining and preassembly. Our production and warehouse is located close to our main markets in EU which is your guarantee of competitive prices and fast delivery.

Should we help you with the next platform or do you want to know more about our fibreglass? Reach out to one of our advisors today

You can also order a free sample box with GRP profiles, planks and gratings. This way you can feel the difference for yourself. Find product samples here 

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