Billede af industri



Fiberline’s stairs and handrail systems have a proven track record in the construction industry combining high strength and low weight with corrosion resistance. This makes our stairs and handrail system an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to traditional materials such as wood, steel and aluminium. The material is virtually maintenance-free and life expectancy over 100 years is not unusual.

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Access and evacuation stairs

platforms and access ways
GFRP is electrically non-conductive and therefore does not need to be earthed to comply with the safety regulations of many rail track authorities.

Railing for bridges

Fibreglass railings have a much longer life expectancy than conventional construction materials and are virtually maintenance-free.

Industrial railing

Billede af industri
Our handrail systems can be configurated and pre-assembled of-site making the installation much more efficiently on-site.

Stair towers

picture of Stair Towers
Get full fiberglass composites stair towers that are corrosion free and chemical resistant.

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