Moulded gratings
Moulded gratings

Fibreglass gratings are suitable for use in aggressive environments such as offshore, in chemical industrial settings and cooling towers. All our FRP gratings are coated in a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface. This surface has no negative impact on the load-bearing capacity of the gratings, which makes them particularly well-suited to industrial purposes.

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Mini mesh gratings
Mini mesh gratings

Fiberline mesh gratings have been tested thoroughly and are proven to offer a high level of anti-slip protection, even in demanding conditions in the chemicals industries, on offshore installations and in cooling towers. The GRP mesh gratings, thus, make conditions more safe and secure for staff when working in these industries.

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Superspan gratings
Superspan gratings

Superspan gratings have an unrivalled weight-to-strength ratio. This makes them ideal for places where a high load-bearing capacity is needed. Their low weight means that they are easy to handle and adapt at the installation site – in relation to existing piping systems, for example.

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Stair treads
Stair treads

Fiberline's fibreglass stair treads are anti-slip and corrosion-free, even in demanding conditions, for example in industry, offshore installations and swimming pools. They offer excellent anti-slip protection and are used for stairs and walkways. The stair treads boast a long-lasting resistance to chemicals, salt water and other aggressive liquids.

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Make your site save with GRP-grating

Our GRP gratings are corrosion free and a durable alternative to steel or plastic gratings. This makes them a cost-effective alternative in harsh and humid environments where you can save costs for future maintenance and costly breakdowns. Here you can find an overview of all advantages.

Our fibreglass gratings can with advantage be used for

  • Offshore installations
  • Chemicals industry
  • Cooling towers
  • Bridges
  • Swimming pools

In addition, and in contrast to metals, our profiles are not exposed to electrolytic corrosion.

Our moulded gratings are as easy to work with as timber and you do not need any special tools or hot work. They can therefore easily be adapted to existing piping systems and other arrangements at the installation site. Their low weight also ensures that you can easy work with them – often without the need for any special machinery or cranes.

Why fibreglass grating does the job for you

Our moulded gratings have an unrivalled weight-to-strength ratio, so they can be used in places where a high load-bearing capacity is needed. They also provide electrical insulation and can therefore be used along railway lines with minimal earthing.

Fibreglass gratings from Fiberline are durable and corrosion-resistant, which makes them ideal for use in harsh environments such as offshore installations and in the chemicals industry, swimming pools and cooling towers. They are hard-wearing and do not corrode like steel gratings. See more comparisons of steel and GRP here.

Get the right GRP-grating for you

We always want to have the right GRP grating for your construction. That is why we have a number of different GRP-gratings with different advantages to suit your specific needs. However, all our gratings come with high slip-resistance factor R13 according to BGR 181. Our fibreglass gratings are:

  • Moulded Gratings
  • Minimesh Gratings
  • Superspan Gratings
  • Moulded Grating Steps

Read more or buy a product sample box, which contain three of our popular FRP gratings.

Fiberline offers a wide range of accessories for moulded fibreglass gratings. We offer a wide range of various clips, clamps and other fittings for the mounting of moulded gratings so that you can easily get everything you need in one place.

We help you with your next project

Moulded gratings are easy to install on site with the help of fittings, and fibreglass can be easily adapted if necessary – it is just like timber and does not require the use of any special tools or hot work.

You can always find our most popular gratings available for ordering on our webshop when it suits you. Do you need help with our products or advice on future constructions, find our opening hours here.

Please contact one of our employees if you have further questions or enquiries.