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With fiberglass bridges, you get a strong and lightweight construction that can easily be adjusted and assembled on-site with ordinary tools. Furthermore, fiberglass bridges have long durability and are maintenance-free, factors that make fiberglass composite bridges a more sustainable and future-proof solution. By combining these advantages, Fiberline's wide range of fiberglass profiles and plank components can be advantageously used for all types of bridges.

There are several good reasons to choose a fiberglass bridge over a bridge built with traditional materials such as wood, concrete, or steel. Here's what you need to know:

  • Lightweight: Fiberglass enables lightweight and robust constructions, making installation faster. Although the material is comparable to steel, the specific weight of Fiberglass is only a quarter of steel.

  • Strength and stiffness: Fiberglass is an impressively strong material, competing with both steel, aluminum, and wood. Composite profiles have moderate stiffness, meaning they match the weight of aluminum, constitute only 20% of concrete's weight, and weigh only 40% of a comparable steel construction.

  • Corrosion resistance: Fiberglass composite materials are generally highly resistant to corrosion, resulting in long life and minimal maintenance needs.

  • Weather resistance: Fiberglass is UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures between -40 and +80 degrees Celsius without losing its properties. It also withstands saltwater and other atmospheric influences.

  • Sustainability: Fiberline's products are manufactured energy-efficiently by pultrusion. Their low weight compared to strength and long lifespan make them a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative. After use, the profiles can be recycled, as they can easily be disassembled and reassembled for new constructions. Cradle to Cradle processes are under development.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say; those who have already made the decision to have a fiberglass bridge built and installed in their local area.

"To handle taxpayers' money in the best possible way and make operational and maintenance activities as cost-effective as possible is our responsibility. We achieve this by choosing products such as a fiberglass bridge," Johnny Andersen - Engineer and Coordinator, Park & Vej, Frederikshavn Municipality. Click here to watch the video with Johnny Andersen.

"In my role, I manage the strategic planning of our ongoing operations and financing, looking far into the future. By assessing the condition of our structures, I expect minimal issues in the coming years with a GRP bridge compared to alternatives such as steel or wood. Unlike steel bridges, which require periodic painting, or wooden bridges, which are prone to rot and subsequent repairs, GRP bridges offer a more durable solution," Anne Gitte Klifforth, Engineer at Horsens Municipality. Click here to watch the video with Anne Gitte Klifforth.

"We got a bridge with a total weight of just over 2 tons, which is better than if the same construction were made of wood, and it could be done approximately 30% cheaper – we are very satisfied with the solution". Ellert Thorarinsson, Manager of the oldest golf course in Iceland. Click here to read the full case with Ellert.

"What appealed to me about the fiberglass bridge is that it is completely maintenance-free. And when it is also in that price range, it was appealing". Kim Bredgaard Grarup, Professional Coordinator and Project Manager, Road, Traffic and Site Preparation, Herning Municipality. Click here to read the full case with Kim.

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Hybrid bridges

Hybrid bridge by Fiberline
Hybrid bridges combine all the advantages of GFRP with other traditional building materials like steel or concrete

Full FRP Bridges

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Buy a complete bridge made entirely of our fibreglass (FRP) profiles. See our pre-designed bridges here


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Make renovation of old bridges easy by applying our lightweight fibreglass profiles with anti-skid surfaces

Bridge cladding

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Our planks and profiles are suitable for cladding and protecting both old and new bridges from weather influence
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Advantages of a fibreglass bridge

Our fibreglass profiles and planks combine a number of different advantages not found in traditional materials, which makes them suitable for bridge designs. The strength as steel and low weight make assembly and installation easy saving costs for heavy-load cranes as well as time-consuming ad expensive closure of busy roads.

Furthermore, the fibreglass bridges have a long life expectancy with only little maintenance needed. this makes it possible to save costs for operation and maintenance. Learn more in our many case stories

Finally, our fibreglass products are produced using an energy-efficient production process called pultrusion. In addition, the material's excellent durability means that very few maintenance resources are required. The materials can be re-used when they are no longer needed, for instance in cement production.

Other advantages includes:

Learn more about the advantages of our composite material here

Shorter installation times and fewer special machines

At the start of the project, a strong and light material like fibreglass allows you to design a lighter construction and reduce material use and associated costs. The construction cost of a fibreglass bridge will also often be lower since our customers avoid having to use expensive special machines and cranes. Additionally, the installation time can be reduced since the fibreglass bridges can be assembled at the workshop and transported in an assembled state, thanks to their low weight.

Maintenance-free fibreglass bridge

In the long term, there are also savings to be made with a fibreglass bridge. This is because our fibreglass planks are corrosion-free and do not rust, rot or corrode. This results in minimal maintenance requirements, making fibreglass a cost-effective solution when looking at the entire life of the bridge. We stand by the high quality of our planks and therefore offer an extended warranty.

Why you should choose fibreglass

Fibreglass is the perfect choice for your next bridge project. Our planks have a unique durability, making them well-suited for use in the demanding environments that bridges are often built in. These include proximity to seawater, fresh water, in natural settings with shifting weather conditions as well as on footbridges, where salting is necessary. You can also customise your next bridge, e.g. add extra width for cycle bridges, higher load-bearing capacity to support tractors or painting to fit the surroundings.

What type of bridge should you choose?

Do you need a footbridge or cycle bridge, or should the bridge be able to handle periodic traffic from heavier machines? And how high should your railings be? Here at Fiberline Building Profiles, we can help you answer all these questions. We have many years of experience with bridges. In fact, we even took part in the first fibreglass bridge installation in Scandinavia, which took place in Kolding, Denmark. See how others have done it

See also which industries our fibreglass bridges are usually used in

Strong hybrid solution, with steel and wood

As well as choosing a complete fibreglass bridge, you can also opt for fibreglass planks in a hybrid solution with steel or wood. Fibreglass has almost the same coefficient of expansion as steel and wood, so they work well together in bridges. Often, our customers use fibreglass planks as a bridge deck in a hybrid solution, with steel beams or a wooden construction as frame. We also recommend railings and handrails in fibreglass, as this is a great area to take advantage of the low maintenance requirements. Check out our numerous solutions here

EBA, CE and aBG = high quality every time!

You get high quality every time you buy our products. We have a number of recognised standards and certifications, including the German construction certification Allgemeine Bauartgenehmigung, CE marking and EBA Zulassung. This is your assurance that our products adhere to the high quality we promise. Read more about our quality here.

Here you can buy bridge decks, railings and everything you need for your bridge

We have the world’s largest online shop for CE-marked fibreglass profiles and thus a large range of fibreglass planks for bridge-building, including:

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A complete bridge made of fibreglass

We have made it easy for you! Based on our know-how within fibreglass and close cooperation with customers, we have also developed a standard solution within bridge-building. This has been developed specifically to meet the requirements within bridge-building and the standards within fibreglass construction, while keeping costs and material use low. See the bridge in our online shop here 

Here to help

With more than 40 years of experience with fibreglass constructions, we have the necessary know-how to help you carry out your next bridge project, whether this involves a new construction or the renovation of an existing construction, planning, design and drawing or execution. Check out our numerous case studies here.

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