Durable, lightweight GRP cladding solutions

With the unique insulating properties, low weight, and excellent durability our GRP profiles create energy-efficient end solutions using fewer resources than with traditional materials. Finally, our flexible and low weight profiles provide unique aesthetic possibilities for the benefit of the final design.


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Facade cladding

With advantages such as high insulating properties, low weight, and excellent durability the facade plank are suitable for energy-efficient facade solutions.

Bridge Cladding

picture of gfrp bridge
Our planks and profiles are suitable for cladding and protecting both old and new bridges from weather influence.

Cladding with GRP gratings

Fibreglass gratings can be used as part of the facade to create an exciting play with light, while still managing to comply with the building's weight restrictions.

FRP sunshade

Our FRP profiles provide a low weight, durable alternative to energy-efficient sunshade solutions for buildings.

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