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At Fiberline Building Profiles you will find the world’s biggest webshop of CE marked fibreglass profiles. Explore our wide range of profiles, planks and gratings for construction and industry online and order today.

You are guaranteed high quality every time you buy our GRP products! Quality is and has always been at the core of our business since high quality offers you as as customer a sense of security as well as minimises unforeseen costs.

One GRP material – all the advantages!

Fibreglass is a plastic based composite consisting of dry glass fibres and polyester. In combination this result in a very strong, lightweight and durable material, perfect for construction purposes! Whereas traditional materials have only one primary strength, our GRP products combines a number of advantages offering you a cost-efficient alternative to traditional materials like concrete, timber, wood and aluminium. 

Learn more about the 10 most important advantages of our grp products here 

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Is fibreglass the right solution for you?

Combining a number of different advantages, our fibreglass products find use in many applications. But in some they just make more sense!

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Are you still in doubt whether fibreglass is the right choice for you? Online you can order a free product sample and test the product before you decide. If you need a larger profile to test, please explore our outlet area here

Explore our entire range of GRP products here

With us you will have plenty to explore. We have the world’s biggest webshop with CE marked fibreglass profiles and planks as well as a wide range of fibreglass gratings. Find prices, stock status, delivery costs and order when it suits you, 24/7.

Our profiles programme include u-profiles, i-profiles, square tubes, angle profiles, strip profiles as well as different handrail profiles. Find our fibreglass profile programme here 

When it comes to fibreglass planks, decking, covers and bridge decks we also offer a wide range of different products online. The programme covers different needs of load bearing capacities, colours as well as anti-slip protection. Explore the fibreglass decking and planks here 

As for fibreglass gratings we also have different types of quality, heights and mesh sizes suitable for different application areas. Our fibreglass gratings are flexible an provides better walking comfort for users. Find our GRP moulded gratings, GRP mini mesh gratings, GRP superspan grating and GRP stair treads here 

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Competitive and well-tested fibreglass solutions

You can also choose one of our standard solutions which are based on our many years of experience and the latest knowledge with fibreglass structures for construction and industry. These solutions are well-tested and designed to offer you a competitive alternative to structures made of traditional materials.

Our standard solutions include:

Do you need more inspiration to your next fibreglass project? Explore our many customer cases here 

Guide: mounting of GRP products

Are you new in using fibreglass products? Don’t worry, we have made it easy for you to start working with our fibreglass products and made a number of How to videos that guide you through cutting, drilling, grinding, bolting, bonding, mounting and assemble of fibreglass products.

Overall, it can be said that working with GRP is similar to working with timber, but fibreglass requires diamond plated or hardened blades. As for creating strong joints, you normally either bolt or glue fibreglass. Fibreglass can be used in a hybrid solution using timber, concrete or steel.

Find technical information here in our download area

Order customised products for your needs

Online you will find our entire range of standard products, but if you need to customise some for your products, we can assist you too. Here is a number of the different services we offer you:

We guarantee high quality every time

Our products have a number of highly sought-after international certifications, among other, within the construction, offshore and railway sectors. This is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you buy from us and use our products.

Among other things, our CE marking means that we constantly monitor and test the properties of our profiles and that we can ensure complete traceability, from the raw materials right through to your end products.

We also have more than 40 years of experience with fibreglass for construction and industry so we are pretty sure we can advise you as well. Contact one of our advisors today and lets take a look at your next project with fibreglass

Frequently asked questions about fibreglass used in constructions

Is fibreglass more expensive than steel?

A one-to-one comparison between the prices of steel and fibreglass does not give a fair and true view of the situation, since other factors come into play, purely in terms of price. Fibreglass is lighter, so you save money on material, foundation, special machines, etc.. Furthermore, fibreglass is maintenance-free, which brings savings in the long term. If we compare fibreglass with stainless steel, the prices turn out to be pretty much the same. Check out the prices directly at our online store.

How much does fibreglass cost?

It often does not make any sense to compare fibreglass and steel purely in terms of price,
as fibreglass has a great number of additional material properties, among others,
low weight and unique durability compared to e.g. steel. That is why fibreglass is used only where these additional advantages are highly needed. Since fibreglass is a light construction material, you can reduce costs of foundation and reinforcement materials, as well as expenditure on special machines.
Check out our prices and more advantages here.

How much does fibreglass cost?

The price can depend on many different factors, e.g. geometry, end-solution and end uses. At our online store you can find our fixed prices, as well as our outlet with unmarketable lengths at lower prices. You can visit our outlet here. In case of larger orders, we often offer volume discounts. Finally, the intended use has significance; as better resistance against specialty chemicals often results in higher prices.