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CE marking

Our products have a number of international and highly sought-after certifications, among other, within the construction, offshore and railway sectors. This is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you buy from us and use our products.

Low weight

Fiberline's GRP profiles are low in weight. This makes them easier to work with and means that great weight savings can be achieved on the finished structure.

Great strength

Fiberline Building Profiles give you the same great strength as steel, but at only a quarter of the density. It is also possible to make weight savings in comparison with aluminium, as the density is 30 % lower.


Our fibreglass profiles are resistant to aggressive chemicals, and liquids. This makes them ideal for wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling towers and construction, where there is a risk of corrosion.

Chemical resistance

Our fibreglass profiles are resistant to aggressive chemicals, and liquids. This makes them ideal for wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling towers and construction, where there is a risk of corrosion.

Electrical insulation

Fiberline's GRP profiles provide electrical insulation and minimise the complexity of earthing. This makes our profiles a future-proof choice where the costs of both installation and future inspections can be reduced considerably.

Easy to work with

GRP profiles are just as easy and fast to work with as timber. This means that solutions which incorporate our profiles can be installed easily on site or adjusted to fit existing components, such as piping systems, etc.

Thermally Insulating

Fiberline's fibreglass profiles have a significantly lower heat distribution gradient than steel and aluminium, enabling energy-efficient end products.

Minimal maintenance

Our GRP profiles have unrivalled durability and a long life, even in demanding conditions.


Fiberline's fibreglass profiles are produced using an energy-optimised process that takes the environment into consideration.

Latest news

Build smarter with Fiberline

Fiberline is your smart solution for a more sustainable future. Here at Fiberline, we feel it is important to take responsibility and do the right thing for the environment. We do our utmost to use our resources efficiently and to protect the environment as best we can. At the same time, we also give you the option to create sustainable growth by using us as a part of their value chain.

Here on our website, you can take a look at the environmental impact of our products over their entire life-cycle: from raw materials and production through to use, maintenance and recycling/disposal. 

• Raw materials – Raw material production is the most energy-intensive part of our carbon footprint and consists of glass and/or carbon fibre profiles as well as resins.
• Production – Our modern energy-plus factory and energy-efficient production process make our products a sustainable alternative to traditional materials.
• Distribution – Simple designs and strategically located factories have a positive effect on transport and CO2 emissions.
• Assembly – Low weight means easy handling without the need for any special machinery, which in turn results in lower CO2 emissions.
• Use – Our products help to solve global climate challenges by allowing you to create more with less, either by bringing down their existing energy consumption in relation to traditional structural materials or by creating good and efficient green energy.
• Recycling – Surplus fibreglass from our production process is either reused as raw materials (70%) and substitute fuel (30%) in cement production or as supplementary materials in moulded fibreglass solutions.

Fibreglass: Your unique material

Fibreglass profiles are a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as concrete, steel, aluminium and timber. Whereas these materials have only one primary strength, GRP combines a number of advantages. This makes fibreglass ideal for the sustainable construction of the future. We have listed the 10 key advantages of Fiberline’s GFRP here: https://fiberline.com/10-advantages-of-fiberglass/
We have a wide range of standard geometries, such as U profiles, I profiles, square tubes, planks, bridge decks and gratings. Our profiles are widely used in a large number of industries such as offshore installations, the railway sector, swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers and infrastructure.

Creating smart solutions to your advantage

Fiberline guarantees sustainable profiles right from the start. Thanks to our modern, energy-optimised production process, our profiles have a good environmental profile right from the start. From a life-cycle perspective, fibreglass is the sustainable option for both construction and industry.

Our profiles are low-maintenance and therefore do not need many maintenance resources in terms of paint, chemicals and machinery. Furthermore, the materials can be re-used when they are no longer needed, for instance in cement production. By choosing Fiberline’s GFRP for your next building project, you will create a smart and sustainable solution which is your advantage too.

Take a look here to see how we have helped others create future-proof fibreglass solutions within areas such as construction, offshore installations, cooling towers, swimming pools, the chemicals industry, bridges and railways.

Fiberline is with you all the way

Fiberline’s expertise and help is with you at all stages of your building project. Fiberline not only offers you strong profiles but also a strong collaboration partner. To be specific, we will make sure that you have the technical advice that you need to ensure sustainable structures. Our experienced team of fibreglass specialists is ready to guide you all the way from project specification and design through to technical advice for assembly and maintenance.

Our wide range of FRP profiles includes U-profiles, I-profiles, angle profiles, square tubes, flat profiles, handrail profiles and accessories such as fittings, bolts and screws. You can always find our most popular geometries available for ordering on our webshop when it suits you, 24/7.

Do you need help with our products or advice on future constructions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We guarantee high quality every time

Our products have a number of highly sought-after international certifications, among other, within the construction, offshore and railway sectors. This is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you buy from us and use our products.

We are one of only a few companies in the sector who can display CE marking on our entire range of structural profiles. This is your guarantee of high quality every time you buy from us and use our products. Among other things, our CE marking means that we constantly monitor and test the properties of our profiles and that we can ensure complete traceability, from the raw materials right through to your end products.

In addition to our CE marking, the German construction authority Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) has approved our profiles for use in the German construction sector. We have also been approved by Deutsche Bahn in Germany and Network Rail in the UK. Finally, we have also been approved by Det Norske Veritas for use on vessels and offshore platforms.


Frequently asked questions about fibreglass used in constructions

Is fibreglass more expensive than steel?

A one-to-one comparison between the prices of steel and fibreglass does not give a fair and true view of the situation, since other factors come into play, purely in terms of price. Fibreglass is lighter, so you save money on material, foundation, special machines, etc.. Furthermore, fibreglass is maintenance-free, which brings savings in the long term. If we compare fibreglass with stainless steel, the prices turn out to be pretty much the same. Check out the prices directly at our online store.

How much does fibreglass cost?

It often does not make any sense to compare fibreglass and steel purely in terms of price,
as fibreglass has a great number of additional material properties, among others,
low weight and unique durability compared to e.g. steel. That is why fibreglass is used only where these additional advantages are highly needed. Since fibreglass is a light construction material, you can reduce costs of foundation and reinforcement materials, as well as expenditure on special machines.
Check out our prices and more advantages here.

How much does fibreglass cost?

The price can depend on many different factors, e.g. geometry, end-solution and end uses. At our online store you can find our fixed prices, as well as our outlet with unmarketable lengths at lower prices. You can visit our outlet here. In case of larger orders, we often offer volume discounts. Finally, the intended use has significance; as better resistance against specialty chemicals often results in higher prices.