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Fibreglass – This is how we help others with their projects

Here you can see how we have helped others to create future-proof fibreglass solutions within wastewater and chemical plants, swimming pools, cooling towers, near-shore constructions, the marine and offshore sector, bridges and the railway.

Now you can check for yourself whether one of our fibreglass solutions is located close to you – or your next business trip destination. See the map here

You can also find inspiration in this brochure, where we have compiled some of our best cases.

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Uses of fiberglass outdoors

Fibreglass holds out where other materials buckle, particularly during indoor use. Fibreglass is both weather-resistant and corrosion-free, which quite simply means that it can easily withstand outdoor use.

Many of our customers work with bridges – from small access gangways and footbridges to large bicycle bridges and road bridges. You can find all our fibreglass bridges here

With a number of other mechanical properties such as great strength, low weight, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and low maintenance needs, GRP use includes:

Are you in one of these industries? We have compiled a list of our most sought-after industries here, so you can find inspiration for how we help other customers in your industry

Uses of fiberglass indoors

If your construction is to be used indoors, there are also a number of purposes where fibreglass makes a lot of sense. The high level of resistance to chemicals and aggressive liquids makes fibreglass well-suited for aggressive environments, e.g. interior cooling towers with high levels of humidity and temperatures, in wastewater plants where the materials are in contact with process water or in similar corrosive environments in industry.

Check out a case where, after 10 years of use, our fibreglass platform and stairs in the German cooling tower in Cottbus are still standing like the first day they were installed – without wear, without damage and without delamination.

Furthermore, fibreglass has low thermal conductivity // high thermal insulation and is a great choice for support brackets or similar situations where you want to minimise thermal bridges.

Conclusion: Advantages of fibreglass

We have already mentioned a number of the advantages you get with fibreglass. But now we will help you by providing a simple overview. Fibreglass combines a number of advantages and mechanical properties, and no other traditional material can offer all of them, which is what makes fibreglass the smart choice.

The 10 most important advantages are:

Learn more about the 10 most important advantages

This is how we can help you too

It doesn’t get any easier! We have prepared a number of standard solutions, which make it very easy for you to start your next project. View our standard solutions for bridges, platforms, access roads, stairs, handrails, cladding, coverings, floating bridges / floating platforms, stair towers and solar screens

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