picture of Hybrid Bridge



Fiberline Building Profiles A/S


Hybrid bridge with Fiberline HD plank, translucent Length: approx. 100 m Width: 2 m Load: pedestrian bridge


  • Low weight
  • Long lifetime
  • High Strength
  • Corrosion-free

Light makes bridge crossing an adventure

The Lleida bridge embraces a variety of roles, which is reflected both in the design of the bridge itself and the complexion of the Lay Light bridge deck. The main bridge is provided with a non-slip surface, its primary focus being on the movement of pedestrians and cyclists.

Alongside the main bridge is a second bridge, light in colour and clad with a translucent Lay Light deck. The focus of this second bridge is to deliver special experiences to users - in daytime these experiences are the beautiful river views, and at night the colourful interplay of light, which is created below the translucent deck. The latter occurs when light flows through the Lay Light from below, making visible the fibres within the material. In daytime the greenish tone of the Lay Light bridge deck forms a sharp contrast with the rest of the main bridge deck, which has a thicker surface coating admitting much less light.

The bridge crosses the river Rio Segre and connects the city centre with the University of Lleida. Here there is also a large pavilion clad with Lay Light that bids visitors welcome to the campus. However, it is not the design possibilities alone, which make Lay Light well-suited for this particular location. Lay Light is a non-corrosive material, which is weatherproof and unaffected by the river's proximity.


picture of Hybrid Bridge
picture of Hybrid Bridge