Norddjurs' first custom-made fiberglass bridge

Norddjurs' first custom-made fiberglass bridge

Grenå in Norddjurs Municipality has made an innovative choice by replacing the old wooden bridge with a brand-new fiberglass bridge over the Grenå River. This new construction spans an impressive 17.7 meters, with an internal width of 1.7 meters, and weighs only 4,200 kg. In close collaboration with the contractor Kaj Bech A/S, the new bridge is precisely executed, featuring a hybrid substructure of square fiberglass tubes reinforced with carbon fiber laminates, ensuring high strength and rigidity combined with low weight.

The bridge deck is composed of our strongest plank - Ultra Duty Plank, coated with sand for optimal slip resistance and safe passage for citizens. The bridge meets the highest design standards and can easily accommodate a 3.5-ton service vehicle.

This pedestrian bridge is an impressive example of innovation and engineering expertise in collaboration with Norddjurs Municipality and the contractor Kaj Bech A/S.


Watch the installation of the bridge in this video