image of a cladding_bridge in Nanay Peru using Fiberline Profiles



Fiberline Building Profiles A/S


Dimension: 2840 m² soffit and fairing cladding Profiles: HD Planks


  • Low weight
  • Great strength and rigidity
  • Corrosion-free
  • Long lifetime

The longest bridge in Peru

The Naney Bridge crosses the Nanay River, north of the city of Iquitos, Peru, and with its impressing 2,2 km, it is the longest bridge in the country! The bridge connects the district of Bellavista on the right bank of the Nanay River with the district of Santo Tomas on the left bank.

With a population of almost half a million people, Iquitos was the largest city in the world that could not be reached by road – tucked in the Peruvian Amazonia jungle, it was only accessible by river and air. However, thanks to this project, the city is finally connected to the rest of the Loreto Region.

The main structure is a cable-stayed bridge, and it carries two lanes of traffic and two pedestrian walkways. The roadway has a total width of 12m, and each pedestrian walkway is 1.2m wide. It uses light-weight composite as cladding to minimize the use of concrete and to reduce loads transferred to the foundations. The low weight of GRP profiles means that great weight savings can be achieved on the finished solution. This enables a more streamlined, lighter design that places less demand on its foundations.