Fiberline Building Profiles A/S


Supporting Brackets


  • Corrosion-free
  • Low weight
  • Long lifetime
  • High Strength
  • Thermally Insulating

The Madison Building London with GFRP supporting brackets

Fiberline Building Profiles have supplied the supprting brackets for the solar screens on the new iconic Madison building in London - a luxury residential apartment tower in Canary Wharf with panoramic views over the capital.

These sturdy brackets have been specially designed to support the external solar screens or other screens on the facade. The brackets are secured to the construction, penetrate the facade and support the external solar screens. Thanks to their extreme strength, the brackets are able to hold the heavy solar screens, where the load only results in minimal bending.
The system consists of several designs, which have been developed for various loads and positions.
The supporting brackets can be adapted for windows, doors and sliding doors, and can be used with wood, aluminium and plastic.

Impressive improvements in energy performance

Fiberline's supportive brackets in fiberglass bring a unique insulating ability and contribute to an energy-efficient construction, without compromising aesthetics or functionality.
For the Madison building, the calculated energy loss is 10% less with fiberglass supporting brackets compared with more traditional metal solutions.

• Great strength and low weight
• Minimal bending from heavy load
• Low creep properties
• No corrosion
• No condensation
• Easy installation and 3D-adjustment
• Low installation height
• Certified quality (CE/ETA approval, EN 13706, aBG)
• Flexible cross-section