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Fibreglass - for a more sustainable future!

Behind our company is the philosophy of creating more with less which not only means creating more value with less in the solutions where our products are included but also making the everyday of our customers more easy. 

With our Eco Report we meet the rising demand for an insight into the Environmental Impacts of GRP products. 

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What do I find in the report?

In general composite materials have a positive reputation as for their environmental impact,
and our glassfibre reinforced polymers (GRP) are no exception. You can read more about this in our Eco Report. 

You'll also find CO2-calculations of a number of our products which will give you an insight into the environmental impact of the products very specifically. We use the cradle-to-gate perspective.

This way you can easily compare with other materials that you consider for your next project. Fill out the form and start the comparison - you might find out something new.