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Previous webinars from Fiberline Building Profiles

Find all our previous webinars where we have gathered a lot of useful knowledge about GFRP. If you can't find a specific theme, we would like to hear from you so we can expand our portfolio of webinars. 



#1 GFRP for sustainable building

Learn about: Composites // Production methods e.g. pultrusion // Advantages of GFRP – and disadvantages // Where can GFRP be applied // Important certifications and standar

#2 GFRP Bridges: A Sustainable and Durable Choice

Learn about: Application areas // Advantages of GFRP bridges // Load application according to EC // Life cycle cost analysis // Environmental impact // Painting system and anti-skid system // Design guidance

#3 FRP in Water Technology

Introduction to FRP // Advantages of FRP in the water industry // Application areas in the water industry // Design guidance // Documentation

#4 Machining, Assembly & Painting of GRP

Fibreglass as building material // Cutting & drilling // Bolting & mounting // Bonding GRP to GRP/steel // Assembly // Easy onsite adjustments

#5 Mechanical properties & Quality

Mechanical Properties // Pros and Cons// The future of FRP materials // Quality insurance // Documentation & Guarantee

#6 Sustainability & Recycling of GRP

A sustainable beginning // Sustainable building material // Life cycle analysis // Recycling possibilities // Comparison to alternatives // Sustainable end solutions