Plastic pavillion in Copenhagen

29 June, 2023

Interview with the architect behind the Plastic Pavilion

An opening ceremony on Wednesday 21 June marked the official opening of the Plastic Pavilion on Gammel Strand in the centre of Copenhagen, which is open until 15 July.

In addition to official talks from the Danish Plastics Federation, the architect behind the pavilion, Mikkel Roesdahl, was also on stage. He explained that the pavilion’s design is based both on the light weight of plastic and the general principle that it should be possible to dismantle the pavilion and set it up again somewhere else.

With the mantra 'material before design', he also emphasised the role plastic will play in the sustainable construction of the future. This very topic is also the subject of our discussion with him.  

You can also read more about the concept behind the Plastic Pavilion and our role as a material sponsor of fibreglass profiles, a plastic-based composite, here

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