23 April, 2024

Enhancing Fiberline's Production Capabilities with New CNC Machines

We have expanded our machining facilities in Poland with new CNC machines, which means a high machining quality across all products. With this advanced technology, we can tailor products to our customers precise needs and requirements and speed up the production without compromising quality.

How will it benefit Fiberline's production?
CNC technology opens the door to a new dimension of precision and consistency in processing our products. The CNC machines enable optimization of our production process, leading to increased efficiency and lower production costs. The overall effect is a more accurate and efficient manufacturing of our products.

How will it affect production and delivery times?
By expanding our production capacity and improving efficiency, the improved speed and precision enable us to fulfill customer orders, leading to expedited delivery schedules in most cases.

What types of projects can Fiberline handle with the new CNC machines?
CNC technology allows us to manufacture and customize products according to our customers' specific wishes and needs. Even the most complex designs and components can now be realized and produced effortlessly thanks to our enhanced CNC technology.

For more information please contact our sales and customer support team