3 July, 2023

New mini videos: installation with screws is that easy

Did you know that you can easily install fibreglass profiles with screws? In these three short videos, we show you how easy it actually is. 

Mounting with screws

Self-tapping screws are a fast and efficient way to fasten two fiberglass profiles together, but it is important to note that the connection can only transfer shear forces and only to a limited extent. If you have joints that must transfer forces, we recommend bolted joints, which are very well documented. If you have further questions about screws, their application, or the fiberglass material, you can contact one of our knowledgeable advisors here

You can also view all our instructional videos here

Installation of fibreglass profiles

The screw is of the type DIN 7504 or ISO 15480.

Installation of fibreglass plank

The screw is of the type (facade screws) SFS SDRT2-T16-5.5x69 or EJOT JT6-D-6H-5.5 / 6.3x67 E16.

Installation fibreglass handrail

The screw is of the type BN 11904.