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We know that it can be a big decision!

Do you also consider fibreglass for your next project? We know that it can be difficult to decide on a new material. That’s why we offer three different sample boxes so you can feel the difference of our material. Maybe you can even test the products in a specific application?

Our fibreglass specialist Christian presents the content of the sample boxes here, so you have an idea of what you’ll receive.

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Sample box with gratings

The product sample box contains: Moulded grating: 205 x 205 mm, Minimesh: 205 x 205 mm, Grating step: 205 x 205 mm and 1 x M clip. 


Sample box with planks

The product sample box contains: 1 x MD planke: 200 mm, HD planke with sand: 200 mm, HD clamp and Base plate washer


Sample box with profiles

The product sample box contains: Square tube: 60x60x5x5 // 200 mm, I-profile: 120x60x60x60 // 200 mm, Angled profile: 50x50x6x6 // 200 mm, U-profile: 240x72x8x8 // 200 mm and Railing profile. 80x80x7x7 // 200 mm


What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a plastic based composite consisting of dry glass fibres and polyester. Normally referred to as fibreglass or GRP. In combination this result in a very strong and rigid material, perfect for construction purposes! Fibreglass is a cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials since it combines several advantages, e.g. it has strength as steel but weighs less, is corrosion-resistant, and has a good sustainability profile.

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