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Why choose U-profiles in glass fiber?

Fiberline's FRP U-profiles are a cost-effective alternative to timber, concrete, steel or aluminium. They are corrosion-free and do not deteriorate, which gives them a long life and saves you maintenance costs in the long term. Our fibreglass U-profiles are as strong as steel but only a quarter of the density. This also makes them easy to handle and fit on site.

Our GFRP profiles have a good environmental profile from a life-cycle perspective. They are green from start to finish, because they are low-maintenance, have a long life and thus lower life-cycle costs, and because they are made using an energy-optimised production process. This makes fibreglass u profiles ideal for the sustainable construction of the future. Other advantages include:

  • Low weight
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • CE marking

Get durable and easy profiles

With advantages such as high strength, lightweight and excellent durability our fibreglass profiles provide a sophisticated alternative to traditional materials like concrete, steel, aluminium and wood – and we have all the profiles you need for your next sustainable building project.

You can find all our profiles on our website; both profiles ready to order and profiles we sell from stock on our webshop. Do you have question concerning our U-profiles or need guidance on which dimensions that fit your next project? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support or visit our webshop and order our Product sample box that contains:

  • 1 x Square tube
  • 1 x I-Profile
  • 1 x Angled profile
  • 1 x U-profile
  • 1 x Railing profile

How you can use U-profiles in your project

The high stiffness and strength of the U-profile make it suitable for applications such as beam elements where long spans coupled with high loads are needed. U-profile applications also include girders in beam bridges, walkways, platforms in cooling towers and stringers for stairs.

The material properties of pultruded fibreglass profiles, unlike those of traditional materials, can be carefully adapted to your intended use and needs within areas such as construction, offshore installations and industry. See all our GFRP structural profiles here:

Fiberline is your helpful partner

Fiberline’s expertise and help is with you at all stages of your building project. Fiberline not only offers you strong profiles but also a strong collaboration partner. To be specific, we will make sure that you have the technical advice that you need to ensure sustainable structures. Our experienced team of fibreglass specialists is ready to guide you all the way from project specification and design through to technical advice for assembly and maintenance.

You can always find our U-profiles available for ordering on our webshop when it suits you. Do you need help with our products or advice on future constructions, find our opening hours here. Please contact one of our employees if you have further questions or enquiries.