picture of Hybrid Bridge



Fiberline Building Profiles A/S


Hybrid bridge with Fiberline HD planks, translucent Length: 46 m Width: 4 m Load: pedestrian bridge


  • Great strength and rigidity
  • Low weight
  • Corrosion-free
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Electrical insulation

An invitation to light - and protection from high-speed trains

This pedestrian and cycle bridge has been carefully designed for its location, which is on the high-speed railway line between Barcelona and France. For safety reasons the sides of the bridge reach a height of 3.4 m at their highest point, ensuring that pedestrians and cyclists are untroubled by passing trains and the air pressure they create.

In order to avoid fencing bridge users in completely while they cross the valley, the bridge is designed to embrace the light. The walls of the bridge open themselves to the sky and are clad with translucent fibreglass, Lay Light, which allows the sunlight to shine through from the sides. As an addition to the bright design, the bridge deck is also made of translucent Lay Light.

The fibreglass material is weatherproof and non-corrosive, which reduces both bridge inspection frequency and maintenance. This means there are substantial savings to be made in connection with the suspension of train services for safety reasons due to maintenance work.