Worcestershire County Council Footbridge Refurbishment



Fiberline Building Profiles A/S


Profiles: slotted HD Planks and Fiberline fittings Dimension: 530m² comprising 1 No of main span with 62x3m, 2 No of ramps 22x3m, 2 No of landings 73m² and stair treats. Load: 5 kN/m² + 10 kN point load


  • High Strength
  • Low weight
  • Long lifetime
  • Corrosion-free

Major refurbishment of Sabrina Bridge

In 2020, Worcestershire County Council opted to begin the much-needed refurbishment of Sabina Bridge across the River Severn in Worcester, outside Birmingham, UK. The footbridge was then set to undergo its first major refurbishment in 28 years. The choice of the material to refurbish the old bridge was fibreglass composite.

By using Fiberline’s GFRP profiles for the refurbishment, it will mean a long lifespan for the Sabrina Bridge, as fiberglass is corrosion-free and therefore resistant to weather and water damages. Thanks to these durable GRP profiles, maintenance will also be minimal, and no expensive replacements will be required over the entire lifetime of the bridge.

The major refurbishment of Bridge Sabrina is being carried out for Worcestershire County Council, by main contractor, Alun Griffiths, bridge contractor, Briton Fabricators Limited, and with consultancy from Jacobs.

The work to improve Sabrina Bridge was an important part of Worcestershire County Council’s programme to improve walking and cycling routes in and around the city of Worcester.

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