Gfrp Bridge Through Wetland



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Wetland between Herning and Snebjerg. Hybrid solution with hardwood and Fiberline HD plank. Length: 10,5 m, width 2,5. Footbridge: Length: 10,5 m, width 2,5 m . Footpath: Length: 30 m, width 5,8 m. Load: pedestrian bridge Hybridløsning med hårdttræ og Fiberline HD planke. Stibro: længde: 10,5 m, bredde: 2,5 Stiforløb: længde: 30 m, bredde: 5,8 m Belastning: fodgængerbro


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low weight
  • High Strength
  • Corrosion-free

No maintenance solution chosen for wetland environment

In Denmark, the project specification for a new section of path winding through marshy terrain called for a solution that would blend beautifully with the scenic wetland landscape, but not be damaged by the harsh environment. The solution chosen was a hybrid structure featuring a GFRP bridge deck that requires no maintenance.

As part of an initiative by Herning Municipality in Denmark to improve its network of cycle paths and encourage more people to take their bikes, a project was launched to create a route through the wetland landscape between Herning and Snejbjerg. This led to the adoption of a hybrid solution consisting of a hardwood substructure surmounted by a GFRP bridge deck. The new path section not only provides an attractive link between the existing path and the marshy terrain, but also an attractive combination of different materials.

Klaus Folkmann, Technical Solution Manager at Fiberline:
"With this hybrid solution, Herning Municipality has got exactly what it wanted; a path with a timber substructure that blends naturally into the green surroundings and a GFRP bridge deck that withstands the wetland environment and keeps down future running costs.”

Light weight means easy installation 

As the path was intended to wind through the area of wetland, customising the planks to the bridge deck was a major challenge for the project contractors Woodways. However, the light weight of the fibreglass meant that the planks were able to be cut to size at Woodways' factory in Skanderborg. From there they were transported to Herning where they assembled easily without further adjustments.

As an extension to the path system a small bridge was also established to carry cyclists over a stream. This bridge was designed on the same hybrid principle of timber substructure clad with GFRP bridge deck. Both the bridge and the path were surfaced with Dynagrip to provide safe adhesion in the wet surroundings.

Long life in harsh environment

The path winds across marshy terrain and through a small wood before finally crossing a stream. A harsh environment where weather conditions severely impact on the life of structures. A GFRP bridge deck will not rot, rust or require painting, and Herning Municipality can therefore look forward to both fewer inspections and fewer operating and maintenance costs.