Fiberline Building Profiles A/S & PARK4ALL


HD Plank


  • Corrosion-free
  • Lightweight
  • High Strength
  • Easy assembly

Efficient and environmentally friendly way of building parking garages

Fiberline has for several years worked closely with Dutch PARK4ALL to develop an efficient way of building multi-storey car parks around our HD plank.

The parking garages are based on a fully modular concept where steel columns and girders can be used on any floor in any corner and are mounted up to 5 stories. This construction method allows the customer to choose the dimensions of his parking garage and thus optimize the utilization of the building plot - see more here. Mounting a parking house of 500 parking places only takes 12 weeks!

The construction method is suitable for permanent as well as temporary parking garages and can easily be expended with all kinds of facades as well as built-in shopping areas and offices. Even the ground level can be adapted to alternative heights for example the parking of busses and coaches.

As a parking and drive area, Fiberlines HD Plank is used, which has undergone a small structural change. The plank has a new-developed tongue and groove with a built-in gasket which makes it waterproof. Furthermore, it is supplied with a slip-proof surface, which means that it can be used relentlessly after installation.

Mirfet Malagic, Head of Sales & Product Management:
“We are happy to offer with PARK4ALL more parking spaces in densely populated areas and thus offer a higher quality of life to the residents. We are also pleased that PARK4ALL has challenged and found the right application of HD Planks. In theses projects, the plank spans up to 1.2 meters while the vehicle load is up to 2.5 tons.”

So far, 5 parking garages have been built with a total of 2800 parking spaces. All of them have charging stations for electric cars on the ground level, LED-lighting and reusable facades. Future projects will have solar arrays on rooftops generating electricity and channelling it directly to the parked cars.  

Hans Roerink, Director at PARK4ALL:
“We have found an excellent and professional partner in Fiberline Building Profiles. Together with the experts of Fiberline we designed a very light and reusable parking solution ready to compete with concrete solutions but much more future proof as over 99% of our building materials can be reused for the next 30 years. The application of GRP-products in our parking structures has just begun, as we are also looking into possibilities of reinforcing our steel girders with Fiberline profiles in order to reach bigger spans with less material. Fiberline is an innovating partner in our line of business. We both are looking for sustainable and everlasting solutions that can change the future of building for years to come.”