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Structural profiles


  • Long lifetime
  • Corrosion-free
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Lightweight

Cell type cooling towers

Profiles made of GRP are ideal for the demanding environment inside cooling towers, because the profiles, despite of continuous expose by water, have a long and functional service life. The GRP profiles are used for primary structures in cell type cooling towers.

Load-carrying structures for cell type cooling tower

The load carrying structure of cell type cooling towers consist of GFP profiles, combining a high resistance to corrosion and weathering with a very good static behavior. This type of cooling towers are primary used for industrial applications with a design and number of cells that can be scaled for purpose and need.

Low weight and quality certifications result in fast assembly

Our GRP profiles have the advantage of combining high strength, low weight and corrosion free, which is not normally all found in building materials, such as wood, concrete and steel. This makes it easier to handle the profiles and the cooling tower can be prefabricated enabling fast erection onsite. Furthermore, our profiles are CE marked which is your guarantee for consistent high quality where no further building permits are needed before erection.

Fast delivery with supplier

Do you have an instant need for GRP profiles? At Fiberline, we always have many standard products on stock. This means that you can order already today.

Production safety and corrosion free construction
Our profiles are resistant to corrosion which improves the production safety of the cooling tower. Inside the cooling tower the profiles are under constant exposed to water, but with the unique durability and strength of the profiles, they have a long life. This minimizes the number of repairs and maintenance and thereby the time the cooling tower is out of function.

Walking areas for cooling towers

The corrosion-resistance of GRP makes this material ideal for cladding the roofs and sides of cooling towers where the profiles are continuously exposed to the action of water. Fiberline GRP planks are ideal for this application. Also for walking areas and handrails our profiles are ideal. Fiberline planks and gratings are also available with non-slip surface.

Management of cooling tower projects

Fiberline is equipped with a powerful project management resource consisting of designers, product engineers, and sales and order management personnel. Our team can successfully manage the execution of the project in terms of manufacturing and prefabrication of the profiles according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Get in contact with one of our specialist already today and learn more about your opportunities with GRP.


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