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Premium quality with fibreglass

Fibreglass profiles are well-suited to the demanding environment in cooling towers, as the profiles can survive a long time despite being constantly exposed to water.

Our fibreglass profiles are corrosion-free, which increases the lifetime of the cooling tower. Profiles in cooling towers are constantly exposed to water, but thanks to the profiles' unique durability and strength, they still have a long lifetime. This reduces the number of repairs and the maintenance needed, and thus also the amount of time the cooling tower is out of operation.

Fibreglass profiles from Fiberline can be used as the load-bearing structure in a cell tower, precisely because they are resistant to corrosion and weathering. In a naturally ventilated cooling tower, the profiles can, for example, form the internal structure for mounting mechanical units and installations.

It is also the corrosion resistance of the profiles that makes them so suitable for the roof and side cladding on cooling towers, where profiles are constantly exposed to water. Here, it is the Fiberline Plank in particular that is used - and you can also use fibreglass profiles for walkways and railings. Our planks and gratings can be supplied with sand coating for a non-slip surface.

Our fibreglass profiles are extremely strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, a combination of features not found in other building materials such as timber, concrete and steel. This makes for easier handling of the profiles, and the cooling towers can also be prefabricated to minimise on-site construction. Our profiles are also CE marked, which is not only your guarantee of consistent high quality but also eliminates the need for additional approvals from building authorities ahead of construction.

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