Natural Draught Type Cooling Tower



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Structural profiles


  • Corrosion-free
  • Low weight
  • Long lifetime
  • High Strength

Natural draught type cooling towers

With advantages such as high strength, resistance to corrosion and low weight GRP profiles make it possible to create low maintenance cooling towers. In a natural draught cooling tower GRP profiles can make up the internal structure that carries the mechanical devices and installations.

Internal structures and supports for structural components 

The internal structure of a natural draught cooling tower can be designed in GRP profiles e.g. square tubes and beams. Also the supports for built-in coolers can be made up of GRP profiles. The corrosion-resistance of our GRP profiles makes them ideal for load-carrying structures in cooling towers of concrete where the profiles are continuously exposed to the action of water. This type of cooling tower is mainly used for power generation applications.

Long life and certified quality 

Despite of the demanding environment in cooling towers our GRP profiles have a long service life. This has a positive impact on the life cycle cost of the cooling towers – one of our oldest cooling tower is more than 20 years in operation, without costly and time consuming repairs.

Safe walking areas and handrails 

The profiles are corrosion free and thereby suitable for safe walking areas and handrails inside the cooling tower where they are constantly exposed to water. For walking areas, our planks and gratings are ideal. These can be delivered with non-slip surface.

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Natural draught type cooling towers: drawing