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Fiberline Profiles


  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-free
  • Great strength and rigidity

Non-corrosive, suspendable bridge for swimming stadiums

Aarhus Swimming Stadium in Denmark needed to be able to adjust the length of its pool to hold races in 25-metre lanes. The original plan for a stainless steel bridge across the pool was abandoned, because stainless steel would corrode in the aggressive environment of chlorinated water. The solution is a GRP bridge. The 25-metre bridge has aroused considerable interest among the many swimming stadium representatives who have seen the bridge and learned about its unique qualities.

The fibreglass material provides the stiffness and strength necessary to ensure that the bridge remains firmly stationary. Officials can also stand on the bridge. The low weight of the bridge allows easy fastening to overhead beam structures etc., permitting it to be hoisted and suspended from the ceiling when not in use. Futhermore, the material is resistant to corrosion which results in a long service life with only limited maintenance needs.

Due to the light materiale the new bridge is also very light in weight, however, the bridge is strong, durable and stable.


Download free fiberline designmanual
Download free fiberline designmanual