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Fibreglass also withstands chlorine

Swimming pool bridges, bottoms and walkways made of fibreglass are very long-lasting, even when constantly exposed to chlorinated water.

Fiberline fibreglass profiles are particularly suitable for use in swimming pools, as the material is corrosion-free and chemically resistant, which is why the profiles are resistant to influences from water as well as aggressive liquids and chemicals. This also means that the fibreglass doesn't rust or rot and only requires minimum maintenance, despite the harsh and chlorinated environment in indoor swimming pools, where there is a high risk of corrosion.

This is also why our fibreglass profiles have an unrivalled durability and a long functional life, even in demanding conditions, and why they constitute an economic advantage in the long run. 

Fibreglass profiles are a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as concrete, steel, aluminium and timber. Whereas these materials have only one primary strength, fibreglass-reinforced plastic combines a number of benefits, including low weight, high strength and rigidity, as well as a material that can be processed as quickly and easily as hardwood.

Our profiles are also CE marked, which is your guarantee of consistent high quality whenever you buy from Fiberline Building Profiles.

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