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What are FRP profiles most suitable for?

Fibreglass profiles have many advantages, so they are used in and for a number of different industries and applications.
Their unique weight-to-strength ratio makes them highly suitable for attaining weight savings in connection with bridges, cooling towers and offshore installations, with their low weight making them fast and easy to install. You can read more about this here 

The profiles are corrosion-free and have unrivalled durability. This makes them ideal for uses where they are continuously exposed to the effects of weather, wind, chemicals, salt water, chlorinated water or other aggressive liquids. This could be, for example, at a wastewater treatment plant or an offshore installation, in natural areas, at swimming pools or in industry generally. Using fibreglass profiles provides a high level of safety and a long life, because the material does not rust or deteriorate in harsh conditions. You can read more about this here 

In addition to this, the material provides electrical insulation and is used extensively in the railway sector. You can read more about this here

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