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4 February, 2021

New company leads the way: Digital solutions to pave the way for more fibreglass in construction

The Fiberline Group in Middelfart has established the company Fiberline Building Profiles, where all activities aimed at construction are located. The goal is to turn fibreglass into a well-known and widely used construction material in the EU. This will be achieved through digitisation, including e-commerce, and a plan to make buying and using sustainable materials easier than ever.

Towards the end of 2020, the Fiberline Group received capital in the form of an external investor, who bought into the company's wind business. This enabled the establishment of Fiberline Building Profiles, a company that will focus exclusively on developing, manufacturing and selling fibreglass profiles for construction and industrial use.

According to Torben Rønlev, CEO of the newly established company, the time has come for fibreglass to finally make its breakthrough as a building material:

”It's in our DNA to lead the way, and even if we are operating in a market that continues to remain conservative, we can see a rising demand for a sustainable alternative that can compete with conventional materials such as steel, wood and concrete. By making fibreglass easy to use and more accessible with digital solutions, we believe the time has come for this material to finally make a breakthrough in the construction industry".

Bridges ... just buy them online
Corona is one of those things that in record time has shown us all the importance of digitisation. The corona crisis unleashed a major demand for new digital solutions - also within construction. It was clear that Fiberline should take the lead and further increase its focus on digital solutions for online purchasing and the sale of fibreglass.

You can already buy the company's CE-marked construction profiles on their website for next-day delivery. But soon you will also be able to order fibreglass constructions in just a matter of clicks. Torben Rønlev explains:

”We see a need for lightweight, modular-based solutions made from fibreglass, which can offer an effective and durable alternative to e.g. steel solutions. These could be stairs, smaller pedestrian bridges and railings, which can be ordered and configured online for delivery to customers in the EU as ready-made constructions or simple self-assembly solutions."

Even though Fiberline Building Profiles is a new company, it is based on more than 40 years of history as part of Fiberline Composites, which was founded by Henrik and Dorthe Thorning in 1979. So there is plenty of experience behind these new initiatives, and this company's products have, for many years, been used in e.g. cooling towers, waste water plants, bridges and along railway tracks.

And according to the company's Head of Sales & Product Management, Mirfet Malagic, it is with good reason that these industries are some of the biggest buyers of fibreglass profiles:

”The combination of low weight, high strength and unique durability is what makes fibreglass a perfect material in industries that struggle with e.g. corrosion and chemical resistance. That fibreglass and water make a great combination is a well-known fact dating back to when fibreglass boats were first constructed. We are now seeing a clear demand for many of the other fibreglass qualities - including its excellent sustainability profile.