30 April, 2024

The Fiberglass Bridge at Aarhus Swimming Stadium: Still Strong Since 2004

In 2004, Aarhus Municipality upgraded the Aarhus Swimming Stadium with a lift-and-lower bridge from Fiberline, revolutionizing swimming possibilities. This versatile addition allows for seamless transition between 50-meter and 25-meter lanes, meeting the diverse needs of swimmers. Michael Ottesen, the stadium's technical coordinator, praises the bridge's durability and low maintenance compared to traditional stainless steel. Its strength ensures compliance with competitive swimming standards, making it an indispensable feature for the stadium.

The continued strength and reliability of the bridge since 2004 are a clear testament to the durability of fiberglass in an aggressive environment such as chlorinated water in a swimming pool. Ottesen expresses confidence in fiberglass as the preferred material for future upgrades.

Read the whole story here, which also includes a video where Michael Ottesen, technical coordinator at Aarhus Municipality, talks more about the bridge.