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25 February, 2021

We have the full certification pack with both aBG and EBA!

With the CE-mark for our GFRP-Profiles, the aBG, the German building approval, as well as the EBA approval, we have the full package of certification to make strong applications within the railway sector. Furthermore, Fiberline Building Profiles has been qualified as a reliable supplier by Deutsche Bahn (DB) in accordance with HPQ. This makes it easier for our customers to work with fibreglass, because they can buy all the right certificated GFRP-Products in one place and get the whole solution approved for their rail applications. These certifications also demonstrate our commitment to deliver high quality every time our customers choose to buy our products.

All you need is one supplier with all the right approvals
The EBA-certificate is a proof that our products have been tested on a third-party institute, and therefore a validation of our high-quality profiles.

“We have great experience with the EBA-certificate. So, when some of the regulations for the approval changed, we did some extra testing accordingly. We went through a big official testing program and we passed all the tests, which made us EBA-approved”, says Stephan Wischnewski, Technical Solution Manager at Fiberline Building Profiles A/S.

Our current certificate is issued for five years, and with both the aBG-certificate on our profiles and the EBA-certificate on our GFRP gratings, we have the full package of certificates for applications along rails. This is an advantageous package for our customers since they can get a complete and right technical documentation in just one place and only need one supplier for their constructions, which will make it much easier for the customers to use our products. All our fibreglass profiles and gratings are certified in accordance with accepted standards, and we can deliver the right certificated products for both rail applications and in other areas with similar demands as well.

We meet the demands for railway facilities
Track access on railways is usually difficult, but with our GFRP composites it will be much easier for the railway sectors to access and improve the track arrangements. Our fibreglass gratings and profiles provide great electrical insulation and, therefore, minimise the complexity of earthing along railway lines and electrical wires. GFRP has the further advantage of being corrosion-resistant and incredibly strong. It is not harmed by dynamic traffic impact and changing weather conditions, which means a long lifetime with minimal maintenance – a key financial benefit in the long term. All our gratings also provide a non-slip walking surface, which make them the optimal solution for railway staircases, walkways, platforms as well as service and escape routes ensuring safe track access for the staff and during service.

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