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Fiberline grp mini mesh grating is corrosion free and offers high durability with excellent slip resistance even in demanding environments like chemical industry and offshore. With a flexible material the mini mesh grating also ensures better walking comfort for walkways, flooring and more.

30 mm
30 mm
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38 mm
38 mm
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What is a GRP mini mesh grating

Fiberline mini mesh GRP grating is a corrosion free composite grating designed with mini mesh, or smaller holes, where the risk of small objects falling through is reduced. The mini mesh grp grating is suitable for 15 mm test ball falling test (EN ISO 14122-2). The mini mesh GRP grating is a competitive alternative to galvanised steel gratings with smaller holes.

The GRP material is more flexible and offer smooth movement and a better walking comfort for the users. This makes the GRP mini mesh grating suitable for flooring, walkways and stairs. Learn more about our standard solutions here.

Where to use a GRP mini mesh grating

The GRP mini mesh grating have high anti-slip protection and a long life even with contact to aggressive chemicals, process water, high humidity, and changing weather conditions and for installation in:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Swimming pools
  • Cooling towers
  • Offshore
  • Coast and marine

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Typical constructions with GRP mini mesh grating

Use the strong, lightweight and durable grating for load bearing constructions, walkways, flooring, bridges, stair cases and platforms. The benefits of our mini mesh grp grating makes them ideal for most industrial equipment and constructions.

Even though GRP is initially more expensive in comparison with traditional building materials such as stainless steel, there is often no great price difference of the finished project. When all the costs of personnel, machinery, and installation time are included, price disparity is very limited, or the total cost may even be lower. In addition, you will benefit from future savings on the costs of maintenance.

Buy GRP mini mesh grating online

On our webshop you can find our entire range of GRP gratings, including our mini mesh grating. Here you can find prices, delivery costs and time as well as stock status. Find different length and depth online here 

Our range of GRP mini mesh is produced in light grey or signal grey, however, we provide different painting solutions and colours if needed. Please contact us to learn more about painting options.

Benefits of Fiberline mini mess grp grating

Our GRP mini mesh grating has a number of advantages which makes them suitable for different applications and environments. Our mini mesh is especially suitable when a high anti-slip safety and the 15 mm ball falling test are required due to the risk of fall of small objects.

The GRP mini mesh grating also provides electrical insulation and can minimise the complexity of earthing. Therefore, our mini mesh is often used along railway lines and high voltage lines. Here they are used for access routes such as platforms, pedestrian bridges, walkways and stairs. Other advantages include:

  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Corrosion free
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easy to work with
  • Fast delivery from EU warehouse
  • Mini mesh designed for small objects

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Contact us for further assistance

Need help with our mini mesh grating? Our employees are always ready to provide additional technical advise. We have more than 40 years of experience with GRP for project within construction and industry, so we are quite confident that we can help you too. Check our opening-hours or contact one of our employees today.

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