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Decking & Accessories

Lightweight GRP planks

Our GRP planks are a cost-effective alternative to similar planks, covers and bridgedecks. With an unrivalled weight-to-strength ratio, these planks are perfect for reducing the weight of the finished solution without compromising on strength. Their low weight also reduces the installation costs for personnel and possible specialist machinery. Our planks fulfil various needs in terms of load-bearing capacity. 

Maintenance-free decking systems

Our decking systems are made of GRP that do not weather nor deteriorate. They have a long life, even when exposed to the effects of corrosive road salt, wind or weather. There is therefore no or only minimal maintenance required, which naturally also reduces maintenance costs. It's a cost-effective choice over the lifetime of the finished solution. Read more about the advantages of fibreglass here.

Corrosion-free planks

With their durable, corrosion-resistant composite material, our planks are ideal for harsh environments such as Wastewater treatment plants. Our decking systems are perfect for scenarios where safety is paramount, as the harsh environment will not destroy the decking, meaning you won't experience problems with weathering, rust or deterioration.

Decking systems with a long span

The special weight-to-strength ratio makes our composite planks ideal for bridge structures and walkways. This means that they can be used to create a structure that is just as strong as a similar structure made of steel or concrete but which weighs much less. Another advantage is that this makes it easier and cheaper to transport the finished solution from the assembly site to the installation site, and to install it.

CE marking

In 2018, Fiberline became the first company in the world to display CE marking on its entire range of GRP composite structural profiles. Our fibreglass planks still have the same consistently high quality for which we have always been renowned. CE marking is now also accompanied by a special label to give our customers peace of mind and make it easier to use our planks for construction work. Learn more about CE marking here.

Rapid assembly of bridge decks

If the planks are to be used for a bridge, their low weight means that the bridge can usually be assembled under controlled conditions, for example at your warehouse, and lifted into place at the installation site.

Adjustment on site

The planks are easy to assemble and adjust on site since working with and fitting GRP planks is just like working with timber. This means that no special tools or hot work are needed to fit these planks. Watch our how-to videos to see how easy it is

Electrical insulation for railways

Our planks do not conduct electricity, so they can save you money and spare you the trouble of earthing them if the finished solutions are to be installed near railway lines.

Sustainable composite planks

Our composite planks have an outstanding environmental profile from a life-cycle perspective. Their low maintenance needs and long life mean that the total life-cycle costs are reduced. In addition to this, the planks are produced using an energy-optimised process called pultrusion. You can read more about the environmental profile of fibreglass here.

Calculate the price for your next project

You can learn more about our planks and calculate the price for your project right now. If you need any help regarding composite planks or any advice about fibreglass in general, please feel free to give us a call.