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GRP handrails and fiberglass handrails

GRP handrails and fiberglass handrails

Safety first – Consider GRP handrails

Our railing profiles are often used to ensure a safe passage in different working places or constructions with high risk of accidents. With the unique characteristics of the handrails, they can be used for a wide range of handrail solutions such as railings, stairs, bridges, walkways and platforms.

Furthermore, fibreglass profiles have a significantly lower heat distribution gradient than steel and aluminium, enabling energy-efficient end products. The low thermal conductivity allows a warm feel of the handrail even in temperatures below freezing point. This too also helps to ensure your safety.

Why fiberglass handrails are the go-to choice

At Fiberline Building Profiles, we have a wide range of solutions in fiberglass, suiting for your specific needs. You can get several kinds of GRP handrail profiles and different related parts for fiberglass handrails. When buying and using our FRP handrails, you get a light, strong, and durable profiles that allow you to create intelligent and future-proof solutions.

Our GRP handrails for stairs and walkways are rust-proof and durable, even in demanding and corrosive conditions. They are therefore used extensively in outdoor locations, as well as for industrial purposes, cooling towers, swimming pools and offshore.

Our fibreglass handrails and supports have the same great strength as steel but are low in weight – they are only a quarter of the density of steel, which make them easier to install and handle on site. This also means that great weight savings can be achieved on the finished structure.

We help in creating a safe work environment

Besides our fiberglass handrails, our different gratings are also part of the preferred solutions for various types of constructions when creating a safe work environment. GFRP is electrically insulating and thus minimises the complexity of earthing during electrical fittings and repairing.

Furthermore, Our FRP gratings are coated in a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface. This surface has no negative impact on the load-bearing capacity of the gratings, which makes them particularly well-suited to industrial purposes. Thus, making the gratings the optimal solution for e.g. railway stairs, platforms, and walkways, ensuring the rail staff safe access during service.

Read more about all of our gratings here.

Any questions? We are here to help

Fiberline is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent composite profiles made of glass fibre. These profiles have been making a considerable difference to our customers in construction and industry for over 40 years. When doing business with us, you get a strong partner:

  • Fiberline Building Profiles is certified according to several highly sought-after international certifications; this is your guarantee of high quality every time you buy from us and use our products
  • We do our utmost to use our resources efficiently and to protect the environment as best we can
  • You can order your entire fibreglass solution from us and get fast delivery

You can always find our most popular geometries available for ordering on our webshop, whenever it suits you – it is always open. We have fast delivery and a wide range of gratings and handrails to fulfil your need.

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