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GRP mesh and FRP mesh

Stay on your feet with GRP mesh

Fiberline mesh gratings have been tested thoroughly and are proven to offer a high level of anti-slip protection, even in demanding conditions in the chemicals industries, on offshore installations and in cooling towers. The GRP mesh gratings, thus, make conditions more safe and secure for staff when working in these industries.

The FRP mesh gratings are also corrosion-free, which make them maintain their high level of anti-slip protection even after many years. Their resistance to aggressive chemicals, and liquids makes them ideal for wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling towers and construction, where there is a high risk of corrosion.

Even though GFRP is initially more expensive in comparison with traditional building materials such as stainless steel, there is often no great price difference of the finished project. When all the costs of personnel, machinery, and installation time are included, price disparity is very limited, or the total cost may even be lower. In addition, you will benefit from future savings on the costs of maintenance.

How to use minimesh grating

Our GRP mesh gratings all have their own specific advantages suiting for different needs and use. Our Minimesh is especially suitable for use where high anti-slip safety and the 15 mm ball falling test are required, while the Superspan gratings have an unrivalled weight-to-strength ratio.

This makes them ideal for places where a high load-bearing capacity is needed. Read more here: or see all our different moulded gratings here.

The FRP mesh also provide electrical insulation and are therefore minimise the complexity of earthing. Because of this, our minimesh is often used along railway lines where propulsion power is involved. They are used for access routes such as platforms, walking-bridges and stairs. Other advantages include:

  • Electrical insulation
  • High strength
  • Low weight
  • Minimal maintenance

Contact us for further assistance

Need help with our products? Our employees are always ready to provide additional technical advice and help around our GFRP solutions. Our team consists of talented consultants, engineers, technicians and operators, who work best when different trade areas come together.

As a team, we represent many years of experience and the latest know-how in GRP - we even help set the standards for new buildings made with fibreglass in the EU. Contact our team - we are always available to help you with technical sparring or advice. Check our opening-hours or contact one of our employees today.

Or go to our webshop and order your own Sample Box containing both our Moulded grating, Minimesh, and a Grating step. All products are made of GFRP.