Fiberline bridge being liftet in place with a crane


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  • Minimal maintenance
  • Corrosion-free
  • Long lifetime
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Low weight

A cheap yet solid solution

"In my role, I handle the strategic planning of our ongoing operations and financing, where I look far into the future. By assessing the condition of our structures, I expect minimal issues in the coming years with a GRP bridge compared to alternatives such as steel or wood. Unlike steel bridges that require periodic painting, or wooden bridges prone to decay and subsequent repairs, GRP bridges offer a more durable solution." - Anne Gitte Klifforth, engineer at Horsens Municipality.

The two GRP bridges recently completed are an important part of the extensive project that Horsens Municipality has undertaken to establish a bike path from Horsens to Østbirk in Denmark. This project has been highly appreciated by the local community, as it has resulted in the creation of a fast, well-maintained, and safe route, including bridges specifically designed to remain non-slippery in the winter months. An anti-slip surface on these bridges ensures that users can feel safe all year round, even when roads are slippery.

"It is of great value to the citizens to have a fast, good, and safe bike path, including bridges that do not become slippery in winter," says Anne Gitte Klifforth.

Watch the video below and hear Anne Gitte Klifforth talk about the two new fiberglass bridges that are part of the new bike path from Horsens to Østbirk.

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According to Anne Gitte Klifforth, the arguments for a fiberglass bridge included high skid resistance and safe traffic for citizens, low operational and maintenance costs - and notably, low weight during installation. By choosing a mahogany brown color for these bridges, the municipality has managed to seamlessly integrate them into the surrounding landscape, adding a thoughtful detail that enhances their aesthetic appeal.

"I think it's a nice touch that you can choose the color to match the environment where the bridge will be placed," says Anne Gitte Klifforth, continuing,

Furthermore, the design and materials of the GRP bridges address concerns about icing, as they are resistant to such treatments, distinguishing them from certain other bridge types. Their lightweight also makes installation easier and reduces the need for large cranes, minimizing logistical challenges during the project's implementation.

"Installing a GRP bridge is the right solution because it will be cost-effective to operate and maintain in the long term," says Anne Gitte Klifforth.