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New fibreglass bridge helps the municipality manage citizens' money in the best possible way

"To handle taxpayers' money in the best possible way and make operational and maintenance activities as cost-effective as possible is our responsibility. We achieve this by choosing products such as a fiberglass bridge" Johnny Andersen - Engineer and Coordinator, Park & Vej, Frederikshavn Municipality.

At Frederikshavn Municipality, a decision was made to choose a fiberglass bridge when the old railway bridge on Sæbystien needed to be replaced. According to Johnny Andersen, there are many advantages to choosing a fiberglass bridge, including quick installation, low weight, high safety for citizens – "I actually think it makes good sense not to have to use so many resources on operation and maintenance in the future," says Johnny Andersen.

We visited Johnny to hear more about his view on the bridge. This resulted in the video interview below.

Video: When fibreglass just makes perfect sense!

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The decision to choose fiberglass was made due to its minimal maintenance requirements compared to traditional materials such as steel and wood. As the path is frequently used by students and staff, it was crucial to reduce the maintenance of the bridge supports.

The assembly and installation of the fiberglass bridge were remarkably fast and ensured minimal disruption. "It was also a great advantage that we could assemble, prepare, and then install the entire structure at once - the installation was done in no time", says Johnny Andersen.

The team aimed to create a bridge that would maintain its appearance and require minimal maintenance in the years to come. "We decided to choose fiberglass primarily because this material requires minimal maintenance. We wanted to create a structure that would not require significant maintenance every 5 or 10 years," explains Johnny Andersen. Even under harsh winter conditions, salt can be safely used on the bridge without the risk of corrosion.

Furthermore, the new structure has improved anti-slip properties due to its sandy surface, providing increased safety for users. "It was important for us that daily maintenance was kept to a minimum," says Johnny Andersen, continuing: "Compared to the old wooden bridge, the new structure has much better anti-slip properties because it has a sandy surface that is difficult to slip on. In winter, we can spread salt on the bridge, which will not corrode its structure or damage it in other ways."

To ensure practicality, the bridge was designed to withstand the weight of maintenance equipment such as tractors with salt spreaders.

Throughout the procurement process, special emphasis was placed on the bridge's ability to withstand various loads. This emphasis on durability aligns with the municipality's commitment to responsible financial management.

"It makes sense that we don't need to spend much on maintenance and preservation, allowing us to use the saved funds to further optimize the remaining building structures" explains Johnny Andersen.

The bridge was constructed in collaboration with contractor Kaj Bech A/S.