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Structural profiles


  • Corrosion-free
  • Low weight
  • Long lifetime
  • High Strength

10 years - and still going strong!

When we visited the 10 year old cooling tower in Cottbus the sight was nothing short of impressive.
Despite the changing and humid conditions in the cooling tower, the fibreglass profiles appear without wear, without damage and without delamination.

10 years ago, HKW Cottbus GmbH, the combined heat power plant in the German city Cottbus was about to replace their wooden cooling tower. It had been running continuously for a period of time, but as the need for cooling was decreasing, it was now only operating briefly. This meant that the cooling tower often went from humid to dry, an environment that is not suitable for wood. Therefore, after a short time the wooden structure inside the cooling tower began to rot and had to be replaced.

Fibreglass - the only suitable choice
HKW Cottbus GmbH were sure that with the unique durability of the fibreglass material it was the right chose for their new cooling tower with continuously changing conditions. At that time, we had just received the necessary approval and therefore the cooling tower was built by E&S Planbau GmbH with fibreglass profiles from Fiberline. We know how important certifications for construction purposes are, both then and today. See all our certifications here.

Small, efficient and less maintenance
Another reason why they chose fibreglass profiles from Fiberline was the size of the cooling tower. At the time, there was a particular focus on the large towers, but HKW Cottbus needed a smaller capacity. Choosing fibreglass the design became lighter and there was no need for heavy profiles, as is often the case in large cooling towers. By reducing the consumption of material, the result was an effective construction and a lower final price per unit. In addition, the maintenance costs over the period were very low due to the high resistance of fibreglass in humid environments.

Visit 10 years after
Everything was as expected when we visited the cooling tower in autumn 2021. After 10 years, still with part-time operation and changing dry/wet conditions inside the cooling tower, the fibreglass construction and cooling tower remain in perfect condition and there were not sight of wear, damage or delamination on the fibreglass profiles.

We know that our fibreglass profiles are incredibly durable and have a long lifespan in many demanding environments. Therefore, we are more than happy to provide a 20-year warranty on our profiles. Read more about our warranty here.