Fiberglass Gratings Enhance Middelfart Marina's Operations and Safety

In both 2013 and 2020, new floating docks with fiberglass grates from Fiberline were installed at Middelfart Marina. The gratings have proven to be an excellent investment for the harbor, as there has been no need for replacement or repairs. There is no visible wear on the fiberglass gratings - even those that are 11 years old - which has allowed the harbor to save money on renovation and replacement.

"It's perfect that you don't need to use resources on maintenance. Then you can use the resources for something else. I can hardly see any difference between the fiberglass gratings laid in 2013 and those laid here last in 2020," says harbor master Chris Renboe.

Middelfart Marina consists of 550 boat spaces and 8 floating docks with fiberglass ramps. Additionally, there are two wooden bridges, which are soon to be replaced with a more durable material. Chris is well-versed in the advantages of using fiberglass in a harbor area, as fiberglass is weather-resistant and therefore not susceptible to corrosion from saltwater, unlike wood and galvanized iron over time. Fiberglass retains strength and durability over time, which is why it has also been the right choice for harbor master Chris to choose fiberglass gratings for the 8 floating docks. "If I have a similar project, I will again prefer a solution in fiberglass. We are generally very satisfied with the fiberglass solutions," says Chris Renboe.

See the video below with harbor master, Chris Renboe.

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At the harbor, there is a keen awareness of how well the fiberglass gratings have performed compared to other materials at the marina, such as wood, which is attacked by algae and rots over time, and steel, which corrodes.

"We have some wooden bridges that we have had some challenges with, as they become filled with algae in the wet autumn months and spring, so we combat the algae with an algaecide. This is something we avoid with fiberglass gratings, as they are not attacked by algae in the same way and remain non-slippery all year round," he continues.

At Middelfart Marina, service is highly prioritized, so the choices made are based on what the users demand. Harbor master Chris Renboe emphasizes the importance of users feeling safe when they navigate around the harbor and boat areas.

"The gratings could have been delivered in galvanized material and would have solved the task almost as well. But not in the same way as fiberglass - because fiberglass does not become slippery in cold and wet weather, as a galvanized grate does. Our customers think about whether it is non-slippery. They think about whether they will fall."

On October 21, 2023, a storm swept across Denmark, causing the water level to rise significantly along many of the Danish coasts. The same was true at Middelfart Marina, where the water level rose 1.85 meters above the daily level. Here, the fiberglass ramps proved both their durability and lightweight, allowing the floating docks to withstand the water pressure and then lower again as the storm subsided.