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Structural profiles


  • Easy to fit
  • Electrical insulation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Corrosion-free
  • Low weight
  • High Strength

Fiberline on Danish railways

Installation of earthing along railway tracks is both expensive and difficult. Banedanmark, the company that looks after Denmark's national rail network, has therefore opted for GFRP composite, which is non-conductive, in the construction of new service platforms and access facilities.

When establishing new access facilities in the form of stairways, service platforms and a small bridge near Vejle Station, Banedanmark chose GFRP composite rather than the more usual galvanised steel. The new GFRP solutions will make the installations easy to reach for staff and ensure safe working conditions.

Lone Kaalund Døjbak, Technical Solution Manager at Fiberline:
"The fact that GFRP is non-conductive is a massive plus for Banedanmark as they do not need to provide earthing. With the growth in use of traction current due to railway electrification there is therefore huge savings potential with GFRP."

To guarantee personal and functional safety, Banedanmark requires that earthing or potential equalisation is established for steel installations positioned within five metres of traction current.

Better long-term investment

Besides lower installation costs, GFRP also offers long-term savings. The reason is that composite is a durable material resistant to both corrosion and weather. This equates with reduced maintenance expenditure. 
Lone Kaalund Døjbak:
"As GFRP neither rusts not rots there are savings to be made on maintenance. GFRP solutions are characterised by long life in spite of a rugged environment with changing weather conditions and dynamic traffic impact. Any maintenance required will therefore mostly be cosmetic.”

Banedanmark gives high priority to both structural and personnel safety. Revised approval procedures were therefore introduced at the start of 2017, and documentary requirements for contractors have been heightened. Fiberline is the only EU manufacturer supplying CE-certified structural profiles, a guarantee of product quality and performance.


Installing access facilities on railways is often both cost-intensive and time-consuming as the track locations can be difficult to reach. With lightweight GFRP, however, both installation time and use of special equipment can be significantly reduced.

Vejle project - solution details

The new service platform will be established in connection with renewal of heating elements for track points near Vejle Station and is the first of several orders for Banedanmark. Besides the service platform, Fiberline will also supply GFRP stairways and small bridges so that hard-to-access fuse boxes and technical cabinets can be serviced both quickly and easily.

Technical specifications

Service platform
Material: GFRP composite
Length: 4 m
Width  : 1.1 m
Height of handrail: 1.2 m
Type of handrail: Industrial

Material: GFRP composite
Length: 7.5 m
Width : 0.8 m
Height of handrail: 1.2 m
Type of handrail: Industrial
Gradient: 26 %

Material: GFRP composite
Length: 2 m
Width : 1 m
Height of handrail: 1,1 m
Type of handrail: Industrial
Location: Nr. Vejle Station, Denmark


Service Platforms And Access Facilities
Service Platforms And Access Facilities