How do I repair fibreglass?

In case of an accident and the fibreglass should be damaged, we have gathered our advise and recommendations in this one document - find the document here

Minor damage

If our fibreglass profiles are scratched or cut, you do not necessarily need to worry about their mechanical properties. Our profiles are made of composite fibreglass with a hard-wearing resin that cannot rust, even after a minor rupture. If the fibres are visible, the material properties may be affected in the longer term. In the case of minor damage that you would like to repair for aesthetic reasons, you can repair the profiles by first filling them with epoxy filler and then grinding and painting them. The filler should be appropriate for the circumstances and capable of adhering to plastic.

Mayor damage

In the case of major damage where the fibres are clearly exposed, the profile’s properties may be affected. In such cases, we recommend replacing the profile. If you are in any doubt as to whether the damage is extensive enough to require this, please contact us.


Cutting fibreglass

Drilling fibreglass

Mounting of fibreglass

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