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What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a composite material that consists of glass fibres and hard plastic. Fibreglass solutions can be made in many different ways, but here at Fiberline we use pultrusion, which is one of our distinguishing features. This process involves pulling dry fibres through closed tool where they are impregnated with a matrix material which, among other things, contains hard plastic. By doing this, the profile’s unique properties are tailor-made and adapted specifically for their intended use, such as structural profiles for construction and industry. This process ensures a consistently high level of quality, so you always get the same thing every time you make a purchase from us. The material properties of the profiles depend on the quantity of fibreglass and the matrix blend used.

To simplify the difference between fibreglass and other materials and make it easy for you choose we have made a comparison with steel and wood here 

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