14 June, 2022

A better solution - than the waste path!

We are always happy when we can present new initiatives, but this time we are extremely happy. This initiative helps to make our already great products a bit more sustainable. We have just started cooperation with Ucomposites regarding recycling of waste from our production, specifically the fibreglass rovings that are left over when we start new lines.

"This is another important step towards becoming a more sustainable company. We must let our philosophy of creating more with less reflect through not only our products and properties, but also the way we manage resources. Therefore, it is extremely pleasant for us that we have started cooperation with Ucomposites", Torben Rønlev, CEO Fiberline Building Profiles.

New recycling option for fibreglass

In our pultrusion process there will always be a waste share, we cannot avoid it. These are pure fibreglass threads from, among other things, the start-up of new lines or products. So far, we have not been able to find a recycling option for this waste, but as the result of our cooperation with Ucomposites, we have now found a satisfactory path for recycling and thus savings on the CO2 account for our profiles.

"With our recycling process, we retain the high quality of the fibreglass threads, saving at the same time the environment from CO2 emissions. In fact, in our process we use 60 kWh to process 1 ton of fibreglass in contrast to the new fibreglass production which requires 8,055 kWh. Overall, that gives both our products and our partners a better CO2 account", Jakob Grymer Tholstrup, Chief Executive & Founder, Ucomposites.

At Ucomposites, the fibreglass threads are used to be the part of different types of plastic panels for, among other things, the automotive industry and the construction industry. Read more here

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