22 September, 2022

New video: Bridge tested after 25 years in use

This is not the first time that this fibreglass bridge has been flown to the University of Lausanne to be tested. In fact, it is the fourth. The bridge is currently used in a ski area close to the Swiss village of Pontresina and it has offered a good opportunity to test the capacity of fibreglass in a demanding environment where there are greatly fluctuating temperatures over the course of the year.

This year, the bridge turns 25 and is once more in Lausanne so that the experienced team at the test laboratory can test its condition. We have been down for a visit to see the bridge and chat with post-doc researcher Lulu Liu who has tested the bridge. Above all, we are interested in hearing about the results of the test. In part to have the fantastic properties of our product confirmed, but also because the results will form a basis for the new Eurocode which is expected to come out next year. So naturally we asked Lulu all about this in the interview.

VIDEO: Hear the results of the test in this video