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Our fibreglass tube profiles are corrosion-free and weather resistant which ensures a long lifetime even under demanding conditions in industry and construction. These tubes are often used as knee rails for railing solutions.

48 x 42 mm
48 x 42 mm
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40 x 34 x 3 mm
40 x 34 x 3 mm
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Fibreglass tube profiles for industry and construction

The demanding conditions seen in industry and construction quite often require nothing less than exceptional building materials. Materials that can withstand corrosion, the effects of the weather and sometimes even chemicals. Moreover, they also need to be easy to maintain and to last for a long time, so that your end customer will not need to use up resources on expensive replacements, inspections and, in the worst case, operating losses. For this reason, many opt for our fibreglass profiles and tubes in precisely these kinds of conditions.

The use of fibreglass tubes for industrial purposes

You can use our fibreglass tube profiles for a range of different structures within industry and construction, but they are especially common as knee rails in handrails and railings.

- Stairs
- Bridges 
- Platforms and walkways 

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Easy installation

Our fibreglass tube profiles give you a material that is as strong as steel but which weighs considerably less. In fact, you can make weight savings of up to 50% on the final construction compared with steel. This allows you to meet the safety requirements in place while also enjoying clear advantages in connection with installation and assembly on site.

We have put together some useful tips and advice about working with fibreglass in our instructional videos

Ten advantages of fibreglass tubes from Fiberline

Are you looking for an exceptional material to use within industry or construction? Pultruded fibreglass tubes may be just what you’re looking for. Unlike traditional building materials, our fibreglass profiles combine a range of different advantages. They make it possible to create cost-effective solutions.

Their ten most important advantages are:

1. As strong as steel
2. Low weight
3. Corrosion-free and weather-resistant
4. Chemical resistance
5. Electrical insulation
6. Easy to work with
7. Minimal maintenance
8. Thermal insulation
9. CE-marked
10. A sustainable alternative

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In need of a corrosion-free tube profile with a low weight?

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