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Fiberline's fibreglass profiles are produced using an energy-optimised process that takes the environment into consideration. In addition, the material's excellent durability means that very few maintenance resources are required. The materials can be re-used when they are no longer needed, for instance in cement production.

Our GRP profiles have unrivalled durability and need little maintenance. This means you will have a very limited need for additional paint, chemicals or machinery throughout the long lifetime of your profiles.

Fibreglass uses half as much energy 

Producing a bridge structure using traditional construction materials instead of fibreglass requires twice as much energy. This makes GRP profiles a sustainable alternative for the construction of the future.

Energy-optimised production

Here at Fiberline, we feel it is important to take responsibility and do the right thing for the environment. We therefore take pains to use resources efficiently so that we can safeguard the environment. Our modern factory is set up and configured to help us combine energy-efficient production with a good working environment. Our profiles are manufactured using a continuous process known as pultrusion. In pultrusion, evaporation is restricted to a closed tool, and the process used to harden the plastic material actually generates heat itself, which results in low energy consumption.

Cradle to Cradle processes are under development.

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