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Easy to work with on site

GRP profiles are just as easy and fast to work with as timber. This means that solutions which incorporate our profiles can be installed easily on site or adjusted to fit existing components, such as piping systems, etc.

In addition to their low weight, the solutions can usually also be assembled at a warehouse under controlled conditions and transported to the installation site in a pre-assembled form. This reduces the installation time on site, which is often expensive in relation to the costs of personnel, contractor machinery and operational downtime.

Installation site hard to access? 

Our profiles are also suitable for installation sites that are hard to access and where no special machinery can be used. This might be along a railway line, for example, or in a natural area.

No special tools or welding

hen you work with fibreglass, you do not need any special tools or hot work, as is the case with steel, for example. We do, however, recommend that you use diamond-coated tools, because they glide through the material more easily and give a better cut.

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Reduce installation time

Combining advantages

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