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Where to find Fiberline

Our iconic building in Middelfart, which also houses our head office and production, is right next to the Funen motorway. From here, our products can quickly reach our customers and partners all over the world. Our technology centre is also in Middelfart, and it is here that we develop and test new products before they are produced.

Production in China

In order to serve the global wind sector, we opened a factory in Tianjin, China’s third-largest urban area, in 2009. Production has been consolidated here using the same know-how and stringent quality requirements as in Denmark. In 2019, we moved to a new factory in Tianjin in order to meet increasing demand for our products.

Important knowledge sharing

Our production facilities in Denmark and China are in close contact with each other regarding operations and new products, to ensure that our customers experience the same high level of quality irrespective of where the products are actually produced.