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Fiberline at the forefront with CE certification

Starting May 2018, Fiberline will be the world's first and only company approved for CE marking of structural profiles made of glassfibre-reinforced plastics.
Within conventional building materials such as steel and concrete, CE marking has been used for decades. Now it's the turn of composite. Fiberline  has obtained CE certification for a complete range of structural profiles.
"CE approval is ground-breaking and takes us to a whole new level. Our customers can compare the attributes of glassfibre-reinforced plastics with other building materials, and thus rely on the quality of our products," says Torben Rønlev, Vice President Building & Construction, Fiberline .
According to ETA-Danmark, the independent body that has assessed Fiberline ' structural profiles, CE marking is very important to Fiberline:
"When you are an innovative company manufacturing load-bearing structures like Fiberline, a credible and recognised marking system that ensures documented quality compliance and is endorsed by an independent third party is a valuable asset," says Thomas Bruun, Managing Director, ETA-Danmark.
In addition, Thomas Bruun also believes that when marketing within the EU, it is a great advantage for Fiberline to have documentation that speaks a common EU language.

Long process

The process of obtaining the CE mark has been lengthy. As glassfibre-reinforced plastics is still considered a new material in the construction industry, no harmonised standards therefore exist. The cooperation between Fiberline and ETA-Danmark therefore required contribution of expertise by both companies:
"As a highly professional manufacturing company Fiberline contributed specialist material knowledge, while we contributed knowhow relating to the European Technical Assessment (ETA) process and handled the dialogue with the major players. Therefore, as the first of its kind, the ETA also received recognition afterwards," says Thomas Bruun.


Paves the way for sustainable construction

CE marking is a guarantee that products live up to the manufacturer's promises and conform to applicable quality and legal requirements in the EEA countries. With the CE mark it will therefore be easier to obtain approval for building projects which use structural profiles from Fiberline.
"Our products still have the same consistent high quality for which we have always been known. However, they now also carry a quality guarantee sticker that makes it easier for our customers to use glassfibre-reinforced plastics in sustainable building projects throughout the EU," says Torben Rønlev.